Vocal lessons


Private Vocal Lessons

Private Lessons with Miss Jillian are available on the following days:




Thursday December 21 -Wednesday, January 3 (Winter Break)

Thursday, January 25 (Competition)

February 21 - 27 (Lee University)

Jillian Stones – Vocal Performance Coach


Lessons:Vocal Lessons are 1 hour weekly.  Lessons will include 30 minutes of warm-up and vocal technique and 30 minutes of vocal performance skills. Which may include, dance, acting and microphone technique.

Miss Jillian  - Tuition: $50/per hour to be paid monthly.  (Students by Audition all ages)

Payment is due the first week of the month for the entire month.  Payment is expected for each week whether your child attends the lesson or not. Payments are considered “LATE” if not paid for by the 10th of the month and will be subject to a $20 late fee.   I will let you know in advance any dates that will be taken as “holiday” or “vacation” by studio.

Please make checks payable to Jillian Stones, Credit and Debit Cards accepted (4% service charge)

There will be a $20 fee for returned checks or for Payments received after the 1st Lesson of the Month.

You may also pay online by using PayPal, please choose friends and family to avoid extra charges.


Cancellation:You must call by 9:00 pm the night before your scheduled lesson to cancel if your child is ill or will miss the lesson.  If an emergency situation arises or your child is sent home from school the day of a lesson you must text or leave a voice mail on my cel phone (909) 241-3521.  Make-up lessons will ONLY be given for those properly cancelled the night before.  Same day cancellations are automatically forfeited.   NOTE:  ONLY ONE properly cancelled lesson per 3-month period is allowed; any additional cancellations, regardless of reasons, will be charged.  NO-SHOWS are an automatic forfeit.

Make-Up Lessons:  Will not be given for any reason other than illness or emergency except for those cancelled by the teacher.  I will not re-schedule lessons at the last minute for school or social events, sports, homework, other appointments or transportation problems.  A No-Show or same-day cancellation is a forfeit of the lesson time and you will owe for the lesson.  Frequent cancellations may result in loss of scheduled time slot.  If you are going on vacation, please give adequate notice.  If you are planning to be gone for an extended period of time (more than 2 weeks), you may hold your spot by paying for ½ of the missed lessons.

Audition Preparation:Please be sure and give us adequate notice of any shows or talent shows you may be planning to audition for (4 – 6 weeks is preferable), so that we may plan and prepare your audition/performance piece.  It does not look good for either of us to have a student show up unprepared.

Music:Music will be provided for all students to work on..  If you require music or trax for a specific song that we do not have in our library, we can either find it or have it arranged for you at your cost.  Cost for music can range from $1 - $180 per song depending on custom arrangements.  All custom arrangements will be discussed with and approved by parents first.

Competition:Students must be singing at/or above the technical skill level for age to be eligible to compete.  Eligibility is at the sole discretion of the instructor.  Competitions are offered throughout the year.  You are responsible for all competition fees and costuming, should you decide to compete.  Competition fees average $60 - $110 per solo. (not including overtime limit fees).

Director Fees:There will be a director fee for each competition to cover travel costs and time. Fees will vary depending on distance and are $20- $40 per student per day per event.

Performance:Throughout the year, we may have performance opportunities in the community.  Students with finished pieces may be “invited” to perform.  These are not required performances, but are very good experience.

How to Reach Miss Jillian909-241-3521 cel phone

MezzSop1@hotmail.com email

www.temeculaperformingarts.com website

PRACTICE:  Students MUST practice their music AND do their exercises REGULARLY between lessons.  If the students do not practice in between sessions, I have nothing to work with and they will not show improvement.  You as parents are investing in their success, please make sure and make rehearsal, even 20 minutes per day, a priority


PLEASE select “friends and family” when asked.


MISS JILLIAN CURRENTLY has the following openings - Starting January

students of all levels by audition

Monday 7 & 8 pm and Tuesday at 5pm

I will work with Charter Schools for payment.